Track 9

Cardiometabolic Health- Diabetes, Obesity & Metabolism

The scientific goal of this session is to understand the underlying causes and physiology of diabetes, obesity and associated metabolic diseases, as well as analyzing and safe interventions and therapeutics. Scientists in this grade also have a special emphasis on women's care and on the developmental strategies of metabolic diseases. It even includes expertise in the CNS that controls appetite and energy expenditure, adipose tissue function and pancreas function. Scientists forming new technological implements including non invasive imaging, complex whole animal studies on physiology and behavior and in vitro & ex vivo methods.

Cardiometabolic disorders are the circumstances associated with cardiovascular disease and diabetes. The morbidity and mortality severity increased clinical attention to know the risk factors of associated individuals to these cardiovascular disorders. Heart disease and stroke are due to the Obesity factors. But it damages more than just the circulatory system. It even causes gallstones, osteoarthritis and respiratory problems. Obesity can also lead to heart failure, Stroke and coronary heart disease. By improving the Health literacy, the medical conditions and related disorders can control the complications by bringing effective treatments.

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