Track 20

Current Research in Cardiology /Future of Cardiology

Present Cardiology research focuses on the novel research in cardiology where the new innovative methods that are emerging in the field of cardiology. A brief explanation on Cardiac nursing and  Interventional cardiology, thrombolytic therapy and Cardiac rehabilitation. Advances in the fields of  artificial intelligence, digital health technology and mobile devices as a means to prevent and treat heart disease will showcase the transformation of the future cardiovascular care. According to Digital health the use of digital information, data and communication technologies to collect, share and analyze health information to improve patient health and health care delivery makes a great impact in the cardiological studies. Prevention and disease management of heart involves a commitment to heart healthy by physical activity, diet, medication and also by self-monitoring. These daily activities are largely unmeasured, but the emergence and rapid growth of mobile devices and wearables has made continuous health monitoring a possibility and, for many patients, a reality. Mobile health is one of the subset of digital health that focuses on the use of mobile and wearable devices and software applications in the future cardiological research.

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